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PEN - The Professional Euro-Mediterranean Network
PEN is the Professional Euro-Mediterranean Network that involves partners, associates as well as other local stakeholders from the partner regions in learning exchanges.

Through virtual bi-monthly meetings the PEN will exchange their expertise and information on Local Sustainable Economic Development as a strategy for strengthening economic clusters and alleviating poverty in peripheral areas.

Each Project Partner brings their unique added value to the PEN meetings.

The PEN output will be a synthesis of the case studies presented and some indications to be collected on the final project paper to be further be a base for policy actions: policy papers and recommendations.

PEN 1, 24.09.2012
Apulia Film Commission as a case study, its main initiatives, its direct and indirect impact and its success factors. read more

PEN 2, 14.11.2012
Algarve Film Commission as a case study, examining its role in the promotion of the Algarve Region as an ideal location for any audiovisual activity as well as for any filming purposes.

PEN 3, 29.01.2013
Puglia Sounds as a case study in the Puglia Region for the development of the music system where the system is intended as the set of all components of artistic, professional, business and institutions that contribute to the musical creation, production, distribution and promotion of territory. read more

PEN 4, 12.09.2013
Regional measures for well-being in Italy, in the Negev, And in Bet Lechem area. read more

PEN 5, 09.11.2013
The local food system - refers to how food is produced and reaches consumers. read more

PEN 6,  12.02.14
Regional models promoting entrepreneurship and SMEs read more

PEN 7, 24.07.14
The Covenant of Mayors and Local Sustainable Economic Development read more

PEN 8, 22.12.14
Local Public Procurement Policy (LPPP): enhancing the local sustainable economy read more

PEN 9, 11.03.15
Local Tourism in Algarve read more

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