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Abut the Euro Med WEALTH LSED Research Group

Wealth Reserch group constitutes of an academic platform for researchers from the Negev region in Israel, Bethlehem region in the Palestinian Authority, the Algarve region in Portugal, the Puglia region and Lunaria in Italy. It facilitates exchange of knowledge and development of theoretical and applicable knowledge base emerging from the Local Sustainable Economic Development paradigm. In addition, research findings will serve as the basis for position papers and policy change efforts at the national and Euro Med levels.

Local sustainable economic development seeks to provide an alternative to the global corporate economy. It emerges from an acknowledgement that local actors and arenas play an increasingly larger role in coping and localizing global processes. These global processes entail environmental degradation and social and economic crises that increasingly and adversely affect peripheral regions and populations. Thus, diverse actors such as local authorities, communities, government and planning bodies, as well as local businesses, have begun to promote socioeconomic models and practices that prioritize the local arena.

The LSED paradigm may create a new framework for theoretical and practical research questions, such as: what indexes and indicators can be produced to evaluate development processes? Which policies can promote LSED? How do emerging economic fields such as local food production, tourism, sustainable agriculture, creative industries and others can contribute to regional development? What are the infrastructures needed to enable LSED?

The Euro Med Research Group's work process includes:
Four bi-monthly meetings during the academic year 2012-13 (between November 2012 and June 2013). The meetings will take place via Video Conferencing system in each participating region.
Academic conference in Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, Israel in December 2013
Researchers and advanced research students from the diverse disciplines of the social, economic and environmental sciences that are willing to join the group should send a CV and brief description of their research interests pertaining to the group's work.

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