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Dr. Gili Baruch , Project Manger, gilib@shatil.nif.org.il
Mr. Asaf Raz, Academic coordinator, asafr@shatil.nif.org.il
Ms. Ronit Shelach-Morton, Organizational Consultant 
Ms. Gali bessudo, Training Coordinator and Web Manager,galib@shatil.nif.org.il
Mr. Mahran Sharqawi - Financial officer, mahrans@shatil.nif.org.il
Ms. Dana Shaked – Public Relations and Media Coordinator

Mr. Sergio Andreis, Head - International relations, andreis@lunaria.org
Ms. Chiara A. Ricci, Research group coordinator, ricci@sbilanciamoci.org‏
Ms. Duccio Zola - Project Wealth website and materials

CRIA University of the Algarve Regional Centre for Innovation
Mr. Hugo Barros, coordination, hfbarros@ualg.pt
Dr. João Mil-Homens, Operational management, joaomh@ualg.pt
Ms. Ana Gonçalves, Research group.
Mr. Nuno Sequeira and Ms. Marisa Madeira, operational support and communication.

Puglia Region
Mr. Francesco Palumbo, Team Coordination and management of Case Study Group, f.palumbo@regione.puglia.it
Ms. Daniela Mazzucca Internal Project Manager, d.mazzucca@regione.puglia.it
Mr. Antonio Agrosi, External Project and Financial Manager, antonio.agrosi@studioagrosi.eu
Mr. Piero Campanella, Administrative and communication Expert p.campanella@regione.puglia.it
Prof. Pierluigi Montalbano Research Group Coordinator, pierluigi.montalbano@uniroma1.it

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