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How to use public expenditure for rights, peace and the environment - In Italian
Sbilanciamoci! - let's get unbalanced !, in Italian - is a campaign, co-ordinated by Lunaria, currently involving 51 associations, NGOs and networks working on globalisation, peace, human rights, environment, fair trade, ethical finance. Since 2000 Sbilanciamoci! has proposed alternatives to the Italian budgetary policies, arguing for social and environmental priorities. Sbilanciamoci! publishes yearly reports, meets policy makers, organizes conferences to promote a different use of public resources and new role of public actors in the economy: the campaign believes it is necessary to radically change the perspective of public policies, giving new economic and social priorities in order to push for a solid world in which more attention is put to people’s rights and environment instead of the needs of a market economy based on privileges, rents, wastes, inequalities. Sbilanciamoci! elaborates an annual report where, after reviewing the decisions by the Italian national Government the Budget Law and the State Budget, develops alternative proposals, and amendments to be formalized by MPs the campaign co-operates with, on how to use public expenditure for society, environment and peace. The volume is the 2013 Report and underlines how mainstream well-being indicators, first of all the GDP, do not clarify any more, and possibly never have, which is the real welfare of a society. The main areas covered by this year's Report include the fiscal leverage, the welfare and social expenses, energy and environment, disarming the economy and the cuts to military expenditure, alternative economy.

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