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New well-being indicators: Monitoring development in the Rome Province - In Italian
In Italy provinces , bringing together several municipalities, are the intermediate institutions between municipalities and regions, which comprise several provinces. 
In 2012 Lunaria / Sbilanciamoci! has been asked by the Rome Province to monitor the evolution of this planning excercise, identifying indicators to propose adjustments to balance local disparities out.
The researchers have analyzed 49 local statistical indicators, picturing the strengths and weaknesses at local level for each one of the six areas. The well-being dimensions taken into account, within which sub-indicators have been included, are:
• Clean environment
• Local infrastructures
• Smart development 
• Social cohesion
• Innovative culture
• Citizenship, equal opportunities and participation in public life.
The research results have indicated that:
A. where economic development is weaker, a greater social cohesion has been measured.
B. greater social services offers go together with lower criminality indexes.
C . jobs are more difficult to be found in areas with less technological innovation.
D. equal opportunities, both for immigrants and the female part of the population, are more advanced in small / medium-size communities.
E. environmental conditions are relatively better in less populated coastal areas.
F. sustainable infrastructures are structurally lacking, also in industrialized developed territories of the province. 

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