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Lunaria is a non-profit organization conducting research, trainings and communication on issues of economic solidarity and the third sector, and migration and globalization. Lunaria promotes initiatives involving international volunteerism and youth policy. Through its activities, Lunaria experiments with new forms of active participation and social transformation based on the principles of justice and social solidarity, democratic participation in community life, and the guarantees of civil, social and human rights at national and international levels. As a coordinator of a vast network of 45 organizations in Italy, Lunaria is positioned to bring to Project Wealth the accumulated experience and knowledge of its own network, and to disseminate the results and outcomes of the project in and beyond the Lunaria network.

Lunaria will lead in the Project’s interest in:

Understanding alternative indicators to GDP such as the Human Development Index and their own index, the Regional Quality of Development Index (QUARS).

In exploring the Covenant of Mayors while facilitating links between local authorities to this covenant which seeks the reduction of CO2 emissions via the enhancement of clean, efficient energy production and use.

Supporting, at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the commitment of Middle Eastern countries (including Israel) to new environmental objectives, to the development of environmental initiatives and to embracing the Covenant of Mayors.

In orchestrating a highly visible closing event at the European Parliament headquarters given their close connection to the Greens/European Free Alliance Group in the EP. Finally, we expect, that based on their local and unique experience and knowledge, Lunaria will contribute to the formulation of position papers and efforts for policy change at the EURO-MED level.

Lunaria and its work on QUARS

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