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CRIA - The Regional Centre for Innovation of the Algarve
CRIA (the Regional Centre for Innovation of the Algarve) - was born in 2003 from a partnership of the University of the Algarve and CCDR Algarve (Regional Authority for Planning and Coordination) to bridge the gap between research and enterprise and between environment and innovation. The mission of CRIA is the promotion, transfer and commercial approach to technology and knowledge in academia, thereby consolidating the ties between academia and enterprise. The unique challenges facing the Algarve region are very similar to those faced by the communities in the Negev and in the Bethlehem area – being a geographical periphery in which the economy is based on either traditional agriculture and crafts or tourism, and where most tourism enterprises are owned and bring income to people outside the region, thereby "draining" the region of its resources. 
This similarity will enable important mutual learning and sharing of best practices. 

CRIA will provide Project Wealth with technical support, and will share its experience and knowledge about SME (small and medium entrepreneurship) sustainability and how to ensure SME growth and innovation in SMEs. 

CRIA will also use its close collaboration with other SME networks and entrepreneurship in their region, in order to both bring and share experience and knowledge with project partners as well as to disseminate working methodologies to the benefit of a larger circle in Portugal, creating thereby a ripple effect.  

Based on their own local and unique experience, CRIA will contribute, like Lunaria, to the formulation of position papers and efforts for policy change on the EURO-MED level

CRIA – Divirsion of enterepreneurship and technology tranfer

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