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Regione Puglia, Task Force for Territorial Cooperation
Regione Puglia, Task Force for Territorial Cooperation is the regional council for economic development in the Puglia Region of Italy. The objective of the Task Force is to strengthen cross-border cooperation through local and regional joint initiatives, reinforcing transnational cooperation through actions linked to communitarian priorities. Regione Puglia’s obligation to promote and disseminate the new instruments of territorial cooperation has nurtured the involvement of private stakeholders and local public institutions.

Regione Puglia, Task Force for Territorial Cooperation will lead the Project’s stakeholders in understanding what territorial cooperation is, and how it can best be leveraged for the overall objective of this initiative.

The Task Force will also lead the group in a series of seminars about sustainability of this initiative in the post-grant period (2013). In that capacity, Regione Puglia will lead the discussion on ways to leverage our press, individual projects and larger networks in raising new funds and moving into the next stage of development. 

Their vast experience in territorial collaboration will equip them to contribute to the formulation of position papers and efforts for policy change on the Euro-Med level.

Mr. Claudio Pulignano, Italy National contact point talk about "cross border cooperation: Italy and Albania case"

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