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Project Wealth is implemented by a partnerships of organizations throughout the Euro-Med region:

Shatil, an Israel-based capacity building organization with vast experience in creating networks, partnerships and coalitions aimed at promoting policy change and spurring grassroots activism and citizen participation in decision making processes, particularly among marginalized communities. 

CRIA, a center for innovation and research at Algarve University, which, synergizing research and practical work, possesses vast experience in supporting small and medium enterprises. 

Lunaria, an Italian NGO with extensive experience in networking and advocacy. 

Region Puglia, an Italian regional authority with experience in territorial collaboration, which brings unique experience and understanding of policy-shaping mechanisms at the Euro-Med region. 

nef - The new economics foundation - in the United Kingdom.

Heschel Sustainability Center in Israel are key partners in the project's effort to develop LSED knowledge.

Our Partners