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nef-The new economics foundation UK - Associate Partner
The new economics foundation - nef ’s activities include policy advice, research, action research and developing practical approaches to supporting sustainable local economies in the UK and internationally. Key areas of work include – well-being and developing new indices of progress, includes happy planet index, the core economy and co-production, local economic development and support for enterprise, climate change and practical action.

nef supports projects to implement new economics ideas in communities the UK and internationally. Internationally nef is supporting projects in Honduras, Brazil, South Africa, in addition to supporting an international learning network to link partner work across a broader partnership including Israel, Peru and Mozambique. Our work with partners has included training in tools and approaches which have then been developed locally, design and implementation.
Project Wealth was first conceived following Shatil's participation in an nef-led study tour conducted in 2008. In developing this initiative, Shatil relates to nef's materials, concepts and terminology in the planning and formulation process of the project (based on Shatil's experiences in implementing nef tools in the Negev). Further, nef assisted in creating the relevant partnerships for the project with a connection between Shatil and Lunaria.

In implementing the initiative, nef will provide in-country sharing of knowledge and information including training on tools and approaches on new economics for use in local communities.
Supporting development of new economic models through sharing policy and practice knowledge on well-being, core economy, and local economic development, valuing techniques. We will also participate online on the website designed by the Project in the sharing of ideas and distance support on topics above

nef''s experts in local sustainable economic development will travel twice (once to Israel and a second time to another partner (EU) country) in order to "train the trainers" who are the Project Partners in our LSE methods and tool-kit. Also participating in these workshops will be NGOs, activists and key stake holders in the field. NEF will serve as expert consultants to Project's three primary groups: the Professional Euro-Mediterranean Network, the Euro-Mediterranean Action-Research group and the local Sustainable Economics Action Group based in the Negev. We will assist Shatil by bringing in our knowledge and experience, existing materials and extensive network nef will be involved in the international learning exchanges held throughout and will contribute to the on-line learning exchanges.

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