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Project Wealth Rome Convention: LSED - Some Italian Success Stories
The project's second convention will take place in Rome.

The convention is divided into three parts:

The first part will be devoted to learning about Lunaria's, QUARS – Regional Quality of Development Index Building focusing on alternative measures of development.. We will also visit the headquarters of ANCI, the Italian Local Municipalities Association.

There will then be a site visit to a local sustainable economic development venture and an overview of Italian LSED success stories.
The convention will end with a Technical Meeting to discuss Project Wealth's annual work-plan.

The conference will include representatives of the project's: partner organizations: CRIA - The Regional Centre for Innovation of the AlgarveRegione Puglia, Task Force for Territorial Cooperation.

The Israeli delegation will be joined by three Israeli organizations working onregional indicators of quality of life: Heschel Sustainablity CenterThe Reut instituteJDC Institute for Leadership and Governance.

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