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FAI - For the landscape, Art and Nature. Forever, for Everyone
FAI is the largest Italian non-profit NGO involved with the safeguard of the national heritage and landscape. Started in the 1970s on a purely volunteer basis, it has now tens of thousands of volunteering members and almost two hundred paid staff. Other jobs have been created at the local level where FAI manages some properties it has restored thanks to fundraising carried out mostly with the private sector and grassroots donations. During the May 2013 convention we visited the Villa Gregoriana and the property manager, together with one of the FAI Rome office staff, supplied participants with information, and discussed with them, about the organisation's philosophy; its history, structures and experiences, with emphasis on the Villa Gregoriana example; how heritage may turn into local sustainable economic development (LSED), educational and sustainable tourism and mobilising citizens' participation, with media and decision-makers to advocate for the right-to-beauty. 

Villa gregoriana tivoli italy - Project Wealth Rome Convention, May 2013

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