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Project Wealth Rome convention - Timetable
The project's second convention will take place in Rome

Following the site visited during the conference:

New well-being indicators

New well-being indicators: the BES Index – Benessere Equo Sostenibile – Equal and sustainable well-being: http://www.misuredelbenessere.it/ - at ISTAT – the Italian Statistical Institute – http://www.istat.it/en/ - with (Mr) Saverio Gazzelloni, ISTAT Director for social, demographic and environmental statistics – (Mr) Adolfo Morrone, Senior researcher, Secretary of the BES Scientific Commission – (Ms) Elisabetta Segre, BES Index Scientific Commission

New well-being indicators: The Rome Province policies – at ISTAT – with (Ms) Teresa Ammendola, Head of the Rome Province statistical office and (Ms) Chiara Ricci, Sbilanciamoci! researcher and co-ordinator of the Rome Province new well-being indicators read more

QUARS - http://www.sbilanciamoci.org/docs/misc/eng/quars.pdf - workshop – at ISTAT – with (Mr) Giulio Marcon, MP – Budget Committee of the Italian House of Parliament

Culture, local food and historical heritage as levarage for LSED

Villa Gregoriana - http://www.villagregoriana.it/eng/main.htm one of the properties of FAI, Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano – the Italian Environment Fund - http://eng.fondoambiente.it/

At the Villa: Heritage as local sustainable economic development – with (Ms) Giorgia Montesano, Villa Gregoriana's FAI property manager. read more

ANCI, the Italian Local Municipalities Association, headquarters - From organized crime to local sustainable economic development – The Libera Association experience http://www.libera.it/flex/cm/pages/ServeBLOB.php/L/IT/IDPagina/70 – with visit of the Prefetti street Libera shop – with (Mr) Enrico Fontana, Libera Mediterranean President

Casa del jazz – the Jazz house, a villa confiscated to the Magliana Gang, Rome's largest organised crime organization – introduction to the villa's story and activities with (Mr) Giampiero Rubei, Casa del jazz Director and dinner. read more

Local productions and quality excellence – At the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity center – with (Mr) Massimo Bernacchini, Slow Food Toscana - http://www.slowfoodfoundation.com/  read more

Visit at the Centro di educazione ambientale di Legambiente – Environmental education center of Legambiente, Italy's most widespread environmental organization, with 20 regional branches and over 115,000 members http://www.legambiente.it/legambiente/about-legambiente - and introduction to Festambiente- http://www.festambiente.it/index.php/inglese.html - with (Mr) Angelo Gentili, Festambiente Co-ordinator. read more

Maremma: from malaria to sustainability – at the Grosseto Provincial Government headquarters – with (Mr) Marco Sabatini, Vicepresident of the Grosseto Province Government – http://www.provincia.grosseto.it
Parks as green economy promoters – at the the Alberese Maremma Regional Park headquarters – with (Ms) Lucia Venturi, President of the Park - http://www.parco-maremma.it/index.php/en

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