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Libera and ecomafia reports
Organized crime is a major, too often ignored, obstacle to LSED. The various kinds of mafias, which by now turned international and global:according to the FBI, "The economic impact alone is staggering: it’s estimated that global organized crime reaps illegal profits of around $1 trillion per year." The meetings have been held at the headquarters of ANCI, the Italian Association of Local Municipalities and Mr Enrico Fontana, President of Libera Mediterranean, the NGO which has created hundreads of jobs by setting up local co-operatives managing lands taken away by the Italian State from organized crime. Mr Fontana also presented the data to be published in mid-June through the twentieth yearly Ecomafia Report showing how in Italy the 2012 turn over of dirty business related to environmental mismanagement only totals 16.7 billions euro. A visit to the nearby Libera shop, where products from the NGO are sold, followed.

Libera products - Project Wealth Rome Convention, May 2013

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