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Research Group First Meeting - December 10th 2012

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Opening talk

Changing paradigms in local and regional development - the emergence of local sustainable economic development - Prof David J. Hess

Prof. David J. Hess will discuss conventional models of regional economic development that are focused on high technology and the export sector. He will discuss why the models are dominant and what some of the shortcomings are for them. He will then make the argument that a complementary approach has emerged that is based more on the small business sector, local purchasing multiplier effects, sustainability, and social fairness. He will then discuss some of the examples of the approach, frequently expressed criticisms, and replies.
Prof. Hess is the author Localist Movements In A Global Economy (MIT press) in which he explores the theoretical background of localism and local sustainable economic development (LSED) and some of its specific forms in fields of energy, transportation and food production. For more details on the book you may look here.

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