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Research Group Third meeting - March 18th 2013

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Culture and Creativity as drivers for LSED

P. Montalbano, C.Montalbano, F. Palumbo, P. Valentino 

As recognised by the EU 2020 strategy, culture andcreativity play a central role in growth, competitiveness and development. Bytheir very nature, they create innovation and jobs, and act as an interfacebetween various branches of industry. In addition, they are generators ofcomparative advantage that cannot be reproduced elsewhere, factors for localdevelopment and drivers of industrial change. 

The EC also emphasises the role played by culturecapital in supporting identity values; pluralism and cultural diversity".They also contribute to a better quality of life, to tolerance and tocountering behaviour contrary to human dignity, to integration and to visitorcapacity. 

The aim of the presentation is to pinpoint theanalytical approach to address the multifaceted nature of culture, creativity (andrelate innovation) as well as to identify actions and policies able to reveal the full potential of the culturaland creative in LSED.

1. Culture, Creativityand LSED: the EU2020 strategy
2. How to reveal thefull potential of ICC for LSED 
3. Urban design and Critical Regionalism: Sustainable Project Planning Paths as Tool for boostingthe Economic Development of Territorial Identities
4. Case study: ECS as applied tools for LSED in the Apulia Region.


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