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The Negev Local Sustainable Economic Development ENPI-CBCMED Congress
Building local economies
December 9-11, 2013

The Negev LSED Euromed Congress: Building local economies
invites local organizations and entrepreneurs, academics and researchers, policy planners and decision makers to help shape economic development in the Negev, PA and in other Euromed peripheral regions. 

Over three days of shared learning and action we will discover models and strategies for the development of local economies, seek inspiration from local practitioners and focus on developing our plans of action. Together, we will explore the local economic development approach as an alternative that emphasizes local populations – their wealth and diversity, their needs and rights – and ensures the wellbeing of present as well as future generations. 

The goals of the Congress are to enhance research and practices; to promote exchange of knowledge and experiences; to increase awareness to the growing movement towards local sustainable economic development (LSED) in the Negev; and to further build existing and new partnerships across borders. 

The Congress will examine various aspects of local sustainable economic development: 
Local procurement as an economic engine with crucial impact on regional economies 
Alternative indexes for measuring regional wellbeing and their impact on local development policies 
Creative industries as spaces for expression of local culture and as engines for local economic development 
The relationship between local food and urban agriculture 
The potential of cooperation as a means for leveraging local enterprises 
Cooperatives as a tool for local economic development 
The challenge of providing business consulting to new businesses from a local, socially-conscious perspective. 
And more! 

Outline: the Congress consists of three events: an academic Workshop; The Main Event ; and series of events for professionals, including workshops, study groups and working sessions.

Academic Workshop December 9 Ben Gurion University
Workshop of the LSED research group for the Mediterranean basin (WealthR), part of the Project Wealth programme.

The Main Event December 10 Beer Sheva Teachers Center 
A broad forum for sharing strategies and experiences from the field; for networking and for advancing policies beneficial for local economic development.

Working Together December 11 Various locations in the Negev 
Professional forums on topics relating to local economic development.

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