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TASA Project
TASA Project: a Algarvian project focused on local handicraft sustainability. This project has been a success in Algarve and at national level, as a good practice of the fusion of handicraft and new design.

The Project Técnicas Ancestrais, Soluções Actuais (short “TASA“) focuses on strategic innovation of artisan products through design consultancy for craftsmen and craft related initiatives, based in the Algarve. The aim is to re-introduce crafts to the regional population and market by creating a new image and business perspectives. The design has its origins in the traditional culture of the region, focusing on materials, techniques, local knowledge and practices, or contemporary interpretations of the same – without prejudice to the integration of new technologies and attitudes. The project is located in the rural areas of Algarve, extending the scope of intervention to different practices, with the aim of strengthening synergies between handicraft production and the commercial sector. 
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