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Aldeia da Pedralva
A ruined village between the Natural Park and dozens of beaches on the west coast of Algarve, was restored inspired by the concept Slow Travel. 

The Vicentina Coast, where we can still find real natural oasis, wild beaches and good energies, is no doubt our Secret West Coast. 

Here we found one more treasure: The Pedralva Village, a pile of ruins in an incomparable site, between the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and dozens of beaches. 

This village use to have up to 100 villagers, and the number went down to 7 villagers nowadays. 

The houses were deteriorating and being abandoned and life for the locals who continued to live there became more and more difficult. 

It was necessary to rebuild this village in various steps: 
The first and more difficult one was the genealogical rebuilding of the village. 
The village was becoming more deserted, but the searching of the 220 owners and heirs of the village properties and houses, from Portugal, Germany, England and France, was becoming passionate and intense.

It took us about two years to buy the houses from these owners, and about 2 other years to rebuild the village, keeping the original design as much as possible, and a new Aldeia da Pedralva was born, a want to be typically portuguese, inspired by the concept Slow Travel. 

Your village at the Vicentine Coast.

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