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PEN 6: Regional models promoting entrepreneurship and SMEs


Presentation and short discussion: Support of regional entrepreneurs – Regional network of incubation
CRIA is the Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer of the University of Algarve, aiming to promote relations between the university and the industry, increase the technology and knowledge transfer, support the establishment of new firms, generalize the use of industrial property rights mechanisms and developing technological infrastructures to enhance specific research fields in the Algarve.

In this sense, CRIA has been developing a number of partnerships directed to entrepreneurship support, under the scope of LSED. One of the examples, and theme of this PEN session, is the incubation network in the region, directed to support new businesses and fostering new commercial opportunities, targeting among all economic goals, the valorization of regional products, regional qualified labor, and knowledge created in the region. To this goal, CRIA cooperates regularly with ANJE (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) and EMPET (Public company from the municipality of Tavira), in the promotion of entrepreneurship and in the incubation of new business ideas.

• University of Algarve (CRIA), Hugo Barros (Coordinator)
• Rita Gonçalves (ANJE), Regional Executive Director
• Fernando Horta (EMPET), Administration

Presentation and short discussion: Local sustainable economy center – Regional model for fostering and promoting SME's and SM businesses
• Yoel Rubin (Center for Business Development, Eastern Negev), coordinator
• Ronit Shelach-Morton (Shatil), Organizational consultant
• Zohar Dvir (Shiluvim), Business consultant expert

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