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Webinar: Civil society engagement in well-being statistics: good practices from Italy
The webinar (online seminar) “Civil society engagement in well-being statistics: good practices from Italy” will take place on Friday June 20th, 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m (CEST).

The webinar, organized by the Italian association Lunaria in the framework of the Web-COSI project, aims at exchanging and disseminating the most incisive and successful contents and methods implemented by civil society organizations (CSOs) for societal innovation in the field of collecting statistics on well-being, generally understood: from quality of life to environmental and social sustainability, up to institutional transparency.

The webinar – held in English – will be introduced by Donatella Fazio (Istat) and Duccio Zola (Lunaria), and will host six speakers, each one representing an example of good practice carried out by Italian CSOs. The speakers will present their initiatives and will discuss with each other and the listening public during the webinar on a range of issues of major relevance, such as: how the concepts of well-being and societal innovation are articulated from the point of view of CSOs? What is the specific contribution and the “value added” that CSOs can provide on these issues? How, on what basis and with which goals, the relationship between CSOs, on the one hand, and the political and institutional world, on the other, is set up? Which are the most important strengths and weaknesses in the use of old and new technologies for the promotion of civil society initiatives on well-being and societal innovation?

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