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blendwiz.me - Local Everywhere
"Local Everywhere - Ever traveled and felt there's more to a place than meets the eye? That there is something's happening around the corner but hey you're not from here, no way for you to know about it.if so Blenders are looking for you to join them, because traveler bring a vibe locals carve. blendwiz.me is your path to the local scenes: Music and Jam sessions, Extreme Sports and Martial Arts, Spiritually, Politics, Foodies and many more. The only way to really experience a place is with the people that live there that are looking to connect with travelers and share what their neighborhood has to offer. Blendwiz.me is a social traveling platform which offers free to reasonably priced activities. So please step in to step out to a travelling revolution"

The new Israeli website blendwiz.me inviting the tourists to follow their interests, experience the local scene, connect with people and be a local everywhere…

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