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'Jesus Trail' in Galilee to be completed by Pope's visit
The Jesus Trail, a Galilee path that supposedly traces the route of Jesus, will be completed in time for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI next month, its planners said.
The 65-kilometer trail was inspired by pilgrimage trails including the Camino de Compostela in Spain. It is designed to let pilgrims and tourists experience biblical stories as Jesus did - by foot.

The trail attracted several hundred tourists even before the marking was complete. Many were accompanied by a voluntary guide from Nazareth.
Hikers included travel writers, tourists, cross-border walkers, long distance runners, priests, pilgrims and pastors, who held prayers along the trail.
The Jesus Trail is also expected to boost the tourism industry in the towns and villages along the route, including Mashhad, Kfar Kana, the Kinneret area and the Arbel ridge.

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