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The Algarve Convention - Case Studies
Case Studies During the Convention:

Challenges to LSED in the Village of Aljazur During our visit to the Portugal’s Algarve Region, as part of Project Wealth: Promoting Local Sustainable Economic Development, we held a discussion about issues relating to local economic development with representatives of the local municipality, community leaders and local entrepreneurs.

Economic Development Along the Hiking Trail Over the past two years, following the development of the Rota Vicentina hiking trail, the number of tourists along the southwest beaches of Portugal has doubled. The development of the trail was made possible by a local tourism network called ‘Casas Brancas,’ which has set itself the goal of promoting innovative nature tourism and rural tourism in the area.

Merging Tradition and Innovation - Agriculture in the Algarve Region, Portugal The traditional agriculture common in Southern Portugal’s Algarve region is very different from the intensive agriculture that is known in The Negev. When we toured the region during the Project Wealth convention, funded by the ENPI CBCMED, it was interesting to see traditional agriculture take on an innovative twist, with farmers making use of the relative advantages available to them and adapting to the demands of the marketplace, yet without relinquishing their local values!

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