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Project Wealth Convention in Bari, Puglia region, Italy
Project Wealth: Promoting Local Sustainable Economic Development Partners convention in Bari, Puglia region, Italy, 19 – 24th October 2014

The Convention was dedicated to the exploration of the well known strategy of Creative Industries in Puglia region and its significant role as a driver for local economic development. The convention constituted an important milestone of the ongoing learning and development process initiated by the Negev Development Authority and Shatil in Israel fostered within the framework of Project Wealth.

The Conventions' objectives were to leverage the ongoing work by:
1. Introducing Puglia Region's model and its rich and diverse activities and some of its economic, social and environmental impact on the region – its economy and communities;
2. Networking and creating opportunities for cooperation between the visiting organizations.

The convention included workshops, tours and visits in some of the creative industries projects, as well as meetings with local stakeholders and local decision makers and leadership.

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Creative industries and creativity, CRIA of the Algarve University
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