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OECD regional well-being report adopts the collaborative multi stakeholder approach
It has been released on October 6, 2014 the OECD report "How's Life in Your Region? Measuring Regional and Local Well-being for Policy Making", which aims to provide a guidance to administrators and policy makers in the use of indicators of well-being to improve the quality of life of citizens and their future chances.

The report proposes a theoretical framework to measure welfare at local and regional level and provides examples of good practices from the different initiatives realized in OECD countries.

The most significant experiences (seven in total) have been analyzed in specific sections within the report. Among these is included the project "New indicators of well-being. Monitor the quality of development in the Province of Rome" carried out in collaboration with Lunaria-Sbilanciamoci! Campaign and the Province of Rome, which has led to the publication of a report on March 5, 2012.

The research, through the selection of 49 indicators, collected at the municipal level and then re-aggregated for the six areas of the Province of Rome, identified a set of indicators of societal progress, people's wellbeing, inequality and sustainability which can be used both as an information tool for citizens as well as a guide and goal for public policy.

As highlighted by the OECD report, the initiative is a positive example given the high collaboration among the large number of stakeholders (politicians, administrators, members of the scientific community) and, above all, the strong involvement of civil society, represented by the Campaign Sbilanciamoci!, in the process of development and monitoring of the indicators selected. Indeed, in order to develop a legitimate measure of social well-being a high degree of participation of the different sectors of society is required.

The OECD report in addition to Project Wealth Reserch group Working paper , the summary of the special discussion conducted in The Negev Local Sustainable Economic Development ENPI-CBCMED Congress in December 2013, and the JDC report (in Hebrew) create a rich a bulk of knowledge that emphasize role and essence of regional well being approach

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