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PEN 8: "Local Public Procurement Policy (LPPP): enhancing the local sustainable economy"
Participants include Project WEALTH international partners and local stakeholders within the partnering regions

Local public procurement is considered one of the most promising strategies for promoting local sustainable economy. Nevertheless, its promotion may entail many challenges.
Shatil, in the framework of Project WEALTH activities in the Negev region, Israel, focused on the study and advancement of local public procurement supporting policies. Preliminary analyses conducted by Project Wealth have revealed structural barriers from one side and constructive strategies and implementation tactics from the other that have been taken few steps forward in some initiatives and best practices. The first part of the PEN meeting will present some of the results of these analyses and the pioneering "YAHAV-Anchor Institutions" initiative. The second part will present some insight from international experiences and the last part will reflect on these experiences to suggest new insights for future policy work

Some of the activities included:
  1. We held a state-wide pioneering conference on the promotion of PLP policy, with many participants both from the academy and the practice.
  2. A publication re: LPPP has been published in Hebrew.
  3. A pilot study of local procurement in the Regional Council of Shaar HaNegev , a first of its kind in Israel, was executed and published.
  4. A process of promotion of new LPPP is now taking place at the Bedouin local council of Hura.
  5. Local procurement policy and its applications to food systems and "good nutrition policy" in the UK were discussed by Dr. Roberta Sonnino, in a workshop held during Negev Congress on December 2013
  6. A training workshop for municipal professionals on LED and PLP will take place on January 2015, in partnership with Israel's Union of Local Authorities.
  7. An expert opinion on the legal aspect of LPPP policies is being prepared for us by the Community Social Economy Clinique of the Hebrew University Law School (Jerusalem).
Meeting Agenda:
1. Dr. Gili Baruch, project Wealth: An introduction to LPPP and project WEALTH -Negev experience
2. Mr. Eran Buchalzev, manager of the YAHAV-Anchor Institutes project, AJEE: The project and it's lessons.
3. Mr. Shmulik David, Policy expert, project WEALTH: Promoting LPPP in Hura Local Council. 
4. European experts (to be announced): Remarks on the Israeli experience and new development on the international arena.  
5. Questions and answers.

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