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Posts from Project Wealth convention in Bari, Puglia region, Italy
The Convention was dedicated to the exploration of the well known strategy of Creative Industries in Puglia region and its significant role as a driver for local economic development

A Creative Approach to Community Economic Development Using Local Youths in Italy’s
Marco Costantino from the Youth Department in the Apulia Development Authority: “Our way of thinking has changed. Instead of asking what the Authority can do for young people, we started asking, 'what can these kids do for the place in which they live?’”

The Apulia Development Authority’s Environmental Cultural System (ECS) 
“We decided to tell our story through the scenery, through the sites and the people, and we generated local pride in our region’s special story.” Ms. LuisellaGuerrieri, manager of the regional ECS in Salento.

The Creative Cluster and the Film Commission in Apulia, Italy 
“For me, creativity was basically an alternative to unemployment. In the past, anyone who wanted to work simply moved to Rome. Our generation changed that reality. We understood that only by utilizing the beauty of the area and our own talent would we be able to generate jobs and stay here in Apulia.” Vincenzo Bellini, manager of the Apulia “creative cluster.”

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