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Experts seminar at Ben-Gurion University.
More than thirty experts from the academia, the government and civil society organization were joined toghther in an expert seminar that was held on Feburary 5th, 2015 at Ben-Gurion University. The seminar was held with the aim of buliding regional measures for well being while examining and processing data that was collected from regional workshops that were held in the past months in the eastern side of the Negev.

During the seminar the local professional experts analysed the national well-being indiactors together with the results of 11 regional public workshops, in order to identify similaritie and diffrences between regional and national mesaures of well-being. The seminar is an essential step in defining a regional set of well-being indicators that will provide a vital information for well-being policies in both regional and national level.

Dr Gili Baruch, Project Wealth manager: "The seminar is an important milestone in our project and sheds light on the direct link between the importance of local economic activity and well being. In the heart of the sustainable local econony stands the principle of collaborating the residens of the Negev in the process of decision making which influence our daily lives".

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