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Local Public Procurement for Local Authorities
Helping local authorities in peripheral areas in using local procurement to develop their local economies. 

This report was designed to help local authorities in peripheral areas use local procurement to develop their local economies. The policy of local procurement is based on the idea that local businesses can be integrated into the authorities’ procurement procedures in a way that ensures that the public resources managed by these authorities contribute to the development of the local economy, and to the improvement of local social and economic wellbeing. The idea of using local procurement as an engine of economic development is based on the “Local Sustainable Economic Development” approach (LSED). LSED claims that to develop the economies of (social and geographical) peripheries, these local economies must be strengthened using local resources, and with the benefit of local residents in mind. Local authorities – particularly peripheral ones – are a central factor in the regional market, both as employers and as consumers of goods and services. This means that it is within the authority’s power to play a central, active and conscious role in strengthening the local economy by supporting the local businesses that are vital to their communities’ social and economic lives.

Gili Baruch and Irit Porat, Shatil Editor: Asaf Raz

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