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PEN 9: Local Tourism in Algarve and in the Negev

MARTA CABRAL – Executive manager of Casas Brancas & Rota Vicentina
Title: “Rota Vicentina: much more than a pedestrian route"

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Rota Vicentina is a regional Project of sustainable development based on a 350 km pedestrian route (fully way-marked) alongside the management and maintenance of the route, this non-profit association also dedicates to awareness, articulation with the community and the local business framework, international promotion and commercialization. Focusing on nature tourism and in the potential of the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast, the project is a result of a partnership between more than 110 micro companies of the region and the public entities with council, regional and sector responsibilities, focusing on volunteering and civic awareness of population and visitors. the Natural Park on the southwest coast of Portugal and was inaugurated in 2012. So far it has achieved the applauses of international market and media, and is actually starting to change the future of this region in a very positive way.

JOÃO MINISTRO – Executive manager of Proactivetur
Title: "Creative Tourism, a tool for the local development and the preservation of arts"

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A new generation of tourists is rising: the creative tourists. These are persons interested in being a active part of the
 touristic experience in which they can contact directly with the local community and their cultural way of living. In these experiences the tourists are invited to participate in active activities related with local culture and learn about the local traditions. Since 2 years we have been working in this issue and recently, with the Loulé Council, we develop a project called "Creative Loulé". A activity agenda has been prepared, involving a local network, with several experiences: craft workshops, gastronomy, photography, architecture, sport, etc. In this conversation we will talk about this issue and this project.

YOASH LIMON – Sustainable tourism entreprenuer and owner of The green backpackers hostel in the town of Mitzpe Ramon.
Title: Waterdrop, connecting hikers and local businesses with a new approach.

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 "Waterdrop" is a cost sharing service that allows hikers and backpackers to enjoy shuttle and water delivery services at an affordable price. Access to these services widens the range and veriaty of hiking options in our region, supports local service providers and promotes responsible and sustainable tourism along the israel trail and other treks in the region.

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