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Project Wealth: Regional Measurments for Well Being Conference - Dimona, Israel
Project Wealth: Regional Measurments for Well Being Conference - Dimona, Israel, 24thth March, 2015

Project Wealth introduces new approaches to the promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories through alternative economic development practices. One of these approaches was launched through a regional process of designing a policy to improve the quality of life. Lunaria, a European partner in Project Wealth, developed the QUARS, a regional index on alternative quality of life indicators. Together with local Israeli partners, Project Wealth launched a regional process with the aim of designing a regional policy on improving the quality of life of the people in the Negev (Southern Israel).

Part of the process included 10 public sharing workshops that were held during 2014 in 11 different areas in the Eastern part of the Negev. The data collected from these workshops was presented in a the conference on regional measurement for wellbeing that was held in Dimona Israel, on March 24th, together with our local partners in Ben-Gurion University, JDC Israel-The Institute for Leadership and Governance, Dimona municipality and Heshel Sustainability Center.

The keynote speaker of the conference was Dr. Stefan Bergheim, an advisor to the canceler Angela Merkel and a Steering Committee member of the German national project for quality of life.

Dr Gili Baruch, project manager at Shatil organization: "Development in the Negev aims at bringing quality of life thus it is crucial that the residents, leadership and professionals from the Negev will take part in defining their own quality of life. Developing the Negev contributes to narrowing the gaps, to accessibility enhancement and ownership of residents on resources."

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