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Project Wealth promotes Local Sustainable Economic Development (LSED) presents working and policy papers, manuals and best practices. 
Publications are available in Hebrew, English, Arabic (abstracts), and can be downloaded from the project's website: lsed-wealth.org under “Project Publications"

The publications focus on research, case studies analysis ,recommendations for implementation, and an expert review on legal aspects of public procurement policy. Together, they draw a wide picture that will help decision makers and public authorities to promote local procurement policy. The publications

Guides, working principles and recommendations consolidated below in order to provide professionals working with local SME's and communities. The publications

Creative industries are a major opportunity for LSED. The publications consist of theoretical framework, working strategies, examples and Impact analysis research. Together they provide a cutting edge guide lines for those who whish to implement a culture based economic development, in favor of local economies and communities. The publications

A collection of LSED best practices from the Euromed region: Israel, Italy, Palestine and Portugal. The Best Practices are organized along 4 main principles, in 5 themes. The publications

Two working papers, regional pilot action review and policy recommendations from the Negev region (Israel) and Italy, present insights on how to incorporate wellbeing measures in local, regional and national policy. The publications . The publications

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