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The LSED Fundamental Assumptions
Development must take into account three inextricably linked circles: the economic, the social and the environmental circles.

Development must always be anchored in the local - in the people and their environment; in their assets and uniqueness on the one hand, and their rights and needs on the other.

LSED encourages pluralism. It is aimed at advancing the economic and social wellbeing of local populations, with a broadly inclusive definition of “wellbeing” as it relates to their beliefs and values.

Diverse, cross-cultural partnerships are necessary foundations for LSED. These partnerships build bridges between communities, governmental entities, the business community and other stakeholders.

It is necessary to have an integrating, mediating entity with a holistic point of view of the locality. The role of this integrating entity is to facilitate the diverse partnerships required to build a sustainable local economy.

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