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דף שער
Date 5/9/2015
Project Wealth's publications
Project Wealth promotes Local Sustainable Economic Development (LSED) presents working and policy papers, manuals and best practices.
Date 2/6/2015
University of Algarve present in Israel for cooperation project closure
From 19 to 21 May the University of Algarve through its Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer (CRIA), will participate in Partnering for Wealth event that will mark the end of the Wealth Project - Promoting Sustainable Local Economic Development.
Date 17/5/2015
Wealth video clip
6 minutes partnering Wealth Project conventions
Date 13/5/2015
Partnering For Wealth
Partnering For Wealth: Project Wealth: Promoting Local Sustainable Economic Development
Date 8/5/2015
Bari Convention in video
Project Wealth: Promoting Local Sustainable Economic Development Partners convention in Bari, Puglia region, Italy, 19 – 24th October 2014
Date 8/5/2015
Convention Puglia
, al via il confronto delle buone pratiche sull'industria creativa
Date 6/11/2014
مشروع الخضراوات في وادي عتير- البذور الأولية والاستعدادات للشتاء
انتهى موسم جمع البذور في مشروع زراعة الخضراوات البدوية التقليدية في وادي عتير، والآن تستعد النساء لزرع خضراوات الشتاء.
Date 6/11/2014
The Vegetable Project in Wadi Atir – First Seeds and Winter Preparations
In the Wadi-Atir vegetable growing project, the seed-gathering season has come to an end, and now the women are preparing to plant the winter vegetables.
Date 5/11/2014
The Algarve Partners Convention in video
The convention, taking the form of a field seminar, was hosted by CRIA the Center for Innovation at the University of the Algarve, at its campus in Portugal.
Date 19/10/2014
كل عام وأنتم بخير بمناسبة عيد الأضحى المبارك
Happy Eid al-Adha
Date 2/10/2014
Happy New Year
Wishing you Happy New Year
Date 21/9/2014
Notification: The Winners of Grants for Promoting Local Sustainable Economy in the Negev
Two rounds of grants were recently offered to support the promotion of local, sustainable entrepreneurship in the Negev
Date 6/9/2014
The role of civil society and regionalism for progress in well-being measurement projects
The paper discusses the roles of civil society and regional perspectives in processes of well-being measurement.
Date 24/7/2014
Culture and Creativity as drivers for Local Sustainable Economic Development
Culture and creativity as key drivers for Local Sustainable Economic Development (LSED). A conceptual framework and key determinants for the start-up of a cultural-based LSED and the “Creative Apulia” overall strategy, its main initiatives and some of preliminary outcomes
Date 24/7/2014
The Algarve Convention - Case Studies
During our visit to the Portugal’s Algarve Region, as part of Project Wealth: Promoting Local Sustainable Economic Development, we held a discussion about issues relating to local economic development with representatives of the local municipality, community leaders and local entrepreneurs.
Date 6/6/2014
The Project Wealth Algarve Partners Convention May 2014, Algarve, Portugal
Project Wealth: Promoting Local Sustainable Economic Development visited the region of Algarve, Portugal, for its 3rd Partner's Convention. May 12-16, 2014
Date 29/5/2014
The Negev Congress - The Main Event December 10, 2013
A large forum for discussing strategies and practical implementations, networking and policy advancement.
Date 5/5/2014
NIF Report: The Negev Congress
A few years ago, Local Sustainable Economic Development (LSED), or "Kamam" as it has become known colloquially in Israel, was an academic concept that few had heard of. These days however, it seems that people can't stop talking about it.
Date 3/5/2014
Echo Talks – Ideas That Echo
Each of the 5 entrepreneurs presented his and her vision regarding the local economic development of the Negev, and received feedback from a panel of experts.
Date 3/5/2014
WealthR Academic Workshop
The WealthR Academic Workshop conducted a 2 days workshop at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer-Sheva, Israel.
Date 3/5/2014
The Negev Congress in Video
The goals of the Congress are to enhance research and practices; to promote exchange of knowledge and experiences; to increase awareness to the growing movement towards local sustainable economic development (LSED) in the Negev; and to further build existing and new partnerships across borders.
Date 3/5/2014
Kickoff Convention - Invitation
Kickoff Convention Project Wealth, Israel May 2012, Invitation
Date 3/5/2014
LSED Kickoff Convention – June 2012 Summary
The 1st convention in particularly, and the 1st year of the project in general, are devoted to the building of our common working infrastructures and platforms.
Date 3/5/2014
Kikoff Convention - Presentation
Date 3/5/2014
Roundtable Discussion
Date 3/5/2014
Kickoff Convention Video
In June 2012, Shatil hosted Project WEALTH: Promoting Local Sustainable Economic Development's Kickoff Convention. Representatives of all Project WEALTH partners
Date 3/5/2014
The Creative Industries Forum Hosts the Apulia Film Commission
The Negev Development Authority. Adva Eshel Rabinovich, Director of the Negev Development Department at the Ministry for Development of the Galilee and Negev, opened the session.
Date 1/5/2014
Alternative Indexes for Measuring Regional Well-being
The Negev Local Sustainable Economic Development Euromed Congress: Building Local Economies
Date 1/5/2014
Negev Tourism: Think Different
The tourist industry provides numerous opportunities for economic development. That being said, it also poses many challenges for local and independent tour operators
Date 1/5/2014
Food Security; Community Kitchens and Local Economies
Food security is the condition where one has ongoing access to food in an amount sufficient to allow a healthy and active life. A recent study published by Israel's National Insurance Institute indicates that one of every five people living in Israel suffers from food insecurity
Date 1/5/2014
Promoting LSED Regional Alternative Measures for Wellbeing
Date 30/4/2014
International Participants
Date 29/4/2014
Insights from the Food System
Keynote Presentation - Local Sustainable Economic Development: Insights from the Food System, Roberta Sonnino
Date 7/4/2014
Tourism and Sustainability
Tourism and Sustainability: The case of the Algarve, Adao Flores, University of Algarve, Portugal
Date 7/4/2014
Tourism Development in the Negev
Tourism Development in the Negev: An Integrative Approach, Natan Uriely, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Date 7/4/2014
Promoting Sustainability Through Certification
Promoting Sustainability Through Certification, Joao Mil-Homens, University of Algarve
Date 7/4/2014
Economic Evaluation of Local and Global Ecological Services
Economic Evaluation of Local and Global Ecological Services for Various Agricultural Branches, Nava Haruvy & Sarit Shalhevet
Date 7/4/2014
Sustainable Food Systems in the 21st Century
Sustainable Food Systems in the 21st Century- Considering the Biophysical Inputs and Outputs, Shira Dickler
Date 7/4/2014
Encouraging Consumption of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Among Elementary School
Encouraging Consumption of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Among Elementary School Pupils Ministry, Tsipi Fridkin, Yael Kachel
Date 7/4/2014
CREATIVE APULIA, Facts figures and preliminary results, Francesco Palumbo
Date 7/4/2014
Haifa new media pilot - The Division of Finance and Credit The Small & Medium Business Agency
Haifa new media pilot - Arbel Levin, The Division of Finance and Credit, The Small & Medium Business Agency, Ministry of Economics
Date 7/4/2014

PEN 4 - Regional measures for well-being
PEN is the Professional Euro-Mediterranean Network that involves partners, associates as well as other local stakeholders from the partner regions in learning exchanges.
Date 11/2/2014

PEN 6: Regional models promoting entrepreneurship and SMEs
PEN is the Professional Euro-Mediterranean Network that involves partners, associates as well as other local stakeholders from the partner regions in learning exchanges
Date 11/2/2014
إعلام للصحافة
الكونجرس الدولي للاقتصاد المحلي المستدام في النقب
Date 2/12/2013
كونجرس النقب للاقتصاد المحلي: لنعمل بشكل مغاير
9-11 تشرين ثاني 2013 النقب يبلور لنفسه عمليات تطوره الاقتصادي نطور في النقب اقتصاد محلي بديل
Date 17/11/2013
طاقم شتيل في الجنوب عامه
Date 17/10/2013
The Negev Local Sustainable Economic Development ENPI-CBCMED Congress
The Negev LSED Euromed Congress: Building local economies invites local organizations and entrepreneurs, academics and researchers, policy planners and decision makers to help shape economic development in the Negev, PA and in other Euromed peripheral regions.
Date 13/10/2013
WealthR workshop - December 2013
The WealthR workshop will take place on December 2013 at Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel.
Date 1/10/2013
The Euro Med WEALTH LSED Research Group
The Euro Med WEALTH LSED Research Group collaboration of project wealth, Mandel center for leadership in the Negev and Negev Center for Regional Development at Ben Gurion University
Date 30/9/2013
Research Group First Meeting - December 10th 2012
Prof. David J. Hess will discuss conventional models of regional economic development that are focused on high technology and the export sector. He will discuss why the models are dominant and what some of the shortcomings are for them. He will then make the argument that a complementary approach has emerged that is based more on the small business sector, local purchasing multiplier effects, sustainability, and social fairness. He will then discuss some of the examples of the approach, frequently expressed criticisms, and replies.
Date 30/9/2013
كل عام والجميع بخير
كل عام والجميع بخير وينعاد على الجميع بالصحه والعافيه يا رب ويجعل ايامكم كلها أعياد وأفراح
Date 8/8/2013
المطابخ الجماهيريّة من التّفكير إلى المقادير
Date 25/6/2013
نك ماركس : مؤشر الكوكب السعيد
Date 19/6/2013
تيم جاكسون يتحدث عن إختبار حقائق إقتصادية
Date 19/6/2013
قصة ماجورا كارتر حول التجديد الحضري
Date 19/6/2013
آن كوبر تتحدث عن وجبات المدارس
Date 19/6/2013
السُمنة والجوع مشكلة غذائية واحدة
Date 19/6/2013
أمنية جيمي أوليفار لجائزة تيد: تعليم كل الأطفال حول الغذاء
Date 19/6/2013
بريك بيهر : ماذا يعيب نظامنا الغذائي
Date 19/6/2013
مارك بيتمان :ما الخطأ فيما نأكل؟
Date 19/6/2013
تريسترام ستيوارت: فضحية مخلفات الطعام العالمية
Date 19/6/2013
كارولين ستيل: كيف يشكل الغذاء مدننا
Date 19/6/2013
دان باربير : كيف وقعت في غرام سمكة
Date 19/6/2013
تيم جاكسون يتحدث عن إختبار حقائق إقتصادية
Date 19/6/2013
تشيب كونلي: قياس ما الذي يجعل الحياة ذات قيمة
Date 19/6/2013
مشاركة واسعة بمؤتمر المطابخ الجماهيرية بحورة
Date 19/6/2013
Project Wealth Action Research group hits the Six Months Milestone
In the past six months The EuroMed WEALTH LSED Action Research Group met for an inter-regional and interdisciplinary knowledge exchanges on Local Sustainable Economic Development (LSED) in the Euromed region. The group consists of 20 researchers and professionals from Italy, Portugal, The Palestinian authority and Israel, from diverse disciplines: Economics, Tourism, Environment, and Anthropology. The group conducted 3 video-conference meetings, in which researchers presented and discussed 3 broad topics.
Date 4/6/2013
Project Wealth Rome Convention: LSED - Some Italian Success Stories
Project Wealth - Rome Convention
Date 21/5/2013

The Partnership
Date 19/5/2013

Date 19/5/2013

Date 19/5/2013

ניהול תוכן אתר כלכלה מקומית מקיימת
Date 19/5/2013

nef-The new economics foundation UK - Associate Partner
Date 19/5/2013

Research Group Participants
Date 18/5/2013

Date 12/5/2013

CRIA - The Regional Centre for Innovation of the Algarve
Date 12/5/2013

Regione Puglia, Task Force for Territorial Cooperation
Date 12/5/2013

Under Construction
Date 30/4/2013

Abut the Euro Med WEALTH LSED Research Group
Date 25/4/2013

Contact Us
Date 25/4/2013

Local Sustainable Economic Development LSED
Local Sustainable Economic Development (LSED) is an innovative systemic approach to local and regional development of peripheral areas, that places the emphasis first and foremost on the needs, rights and unique characteristics of local communities and their environments.
Date 24/4/2013

The LSED Fundamental Assumptions
The LSED approach is founded on five fundamental assumptions
Date 24/4/2013

LSED and the Negev: Development “in the Negev” and not “of the Negev”
What is generally referred to as “developing the Negev” has proven to be unworkable. What is required is a new approach and not “more of the same”.
Date 24/4/2013

Project Overview
Date 24/4/2013

PEN - The Professional Euro-Mediterranean Network
PEN is the Professional Euro-Mediterranean Network that involves partners, associates as well as other local stakeholders from the partner regions in learning exchanges.
Date 24/4/2013

About Us
Shatil's new local sustainable economic development (LSED) project, supported by the ENPI CBC-MED, challenges the prevailing neo-liberal conceptions of wealth based purely on economic richness. By fostering an alternative economic paradigm whereby wealth is defined by the wellbeing of people and the planet, this project encourages a real and sustainable richness in the partnering region
Date 22/4/2013

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