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The Negev Congress - The Main Event December 10, 2013
A large forum for discussing strategies and practical implementations, networking and policy advancement.
Date 5/5/2014
NIF Report: The Negev Congress
A few years ago, Local Sustainable Economic Development (LSED), or "Kamam" as it has become known colloquially in Israel, was an academic concept that few had heard of. These days however, it seems that people can't stop talking about it.
Date 3/5/2014
Echo Talks – Ideas That Echo
Each of the 5 entrepreneurs presented his and her vision regarding the local economic development of the Negev, and received feedback from a panel of experts.
Date 3/5/2014
WealthR Academic Workshop
The WealthR Academic Workshop conducted a 2 days workshop at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer-Sheva, Israel.
Date 3/5/2014
The Negev Congress in Video
The goals of the Congress are to enhance research and practices; to promote exchange of knowledge and experiences; to increase awareness to the growing movement towards local sustainable economic development (LSED) in the Negev; and to further build existing and new partnerships across borders.
Date 3/5/2014
The Creative Industries Forum Hosts the Apulia Film Commission
The Negev Development Authority. Adva Eshel Rabinovich, Director of the Negev Development Department at the Ministry for Development of the Galilee and Negev, opened the session.
Date 1/5/2014
Alternative Indexes for Measuring Regional Well-being
The Negev Local Sustainable Economic Development Euromed Congress: Building Local Economies
Date 1/5/2014
Negev Tourism: Think Different
The tourist industry provides numerous opportunities for economic development. That being said, it also poses many challenges for local and independent tour operators
Date 1/5/2014
Food Security; Community Kitchens and Local Economies
Food security is the condition where one has ongoing access to food in an amount sufficient to allow a healthy and active life. A recent study published by Israel's National Insurance Institute indicates that one of every five people living in Israel suffers from food insecurity
Date 1/5/2014
Promoting LSED Regional Alternative Measures for Wellbeing
Date 30/4/2014
International Participants
Date 29/4/2014
The Negev Local Sustainable Economic Development ENPI-CBCMED Congress
The Negev LSED Euromed Congress: Building local economies invites local organizations and entrepreneurs, academics and researchers, policy planners and decision makers to help shape economic development in the Negev, PA and in other Euromed peripheral regions.
Date 13/10/2013

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