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MARTA CABRAL – Executive manager of Casas Brancas & Rota Vicentina
Rota Vicentina is a regional Project of sustainable development based on a 350 km pedestrian route (fully way-marked) along Besides the management and maintenance of the route, this non-profit association also dedicates to awareness, articulation with the community and the local business framework, international promotion and commercialization
Date 27/4/2015
'Jesus Trail' in Galilee to be completed by Pope's visit
The 65-kilometer trail was inspired by pilgrimage trails including the Camino de Compostela in Spain.
Date 3/8/2014
blendwiz.me - Local Everywhere
The new Israeli website blendwiz.me Inviting the tourists to follow their interests, experience the local scene, connect with people and be a local everywhere…
Date 26/6/2014
Independent Guest Houses of Nazareth
The new website INDEPENDENT GUEST HOUSES OF NAZARETH for Direct booking, Can be a good example for a Local partnership
Date 15/6/2014
Maoz Inon - 2012 Responsible Tourism Awards Winner
Date 4/5/2014
Welcome to Slow Travel Europe
We believe that we can add meaning to life by making things go faster. We have an idea that life is short - and that we must go fast to fit everything in. But life is long. The problem is that we don't know how to spend our time wisely. — Carlo Petrini, Founder of the Slow Food Movement
Date 22/4/2014
The Art of Slow Travel
Imagine living for a week in a little French cottage, buying fresh vegetables from the farmer's market every morning, sipping cafe au lait on your favorite sidewalk terrace, and taking leisurely day trips to neighboring villages and chateaus
Date 22/4/2014
Casas Brancas
Casas Brancas grew out of the need to organise, in an integrated and selected offer, the good examples of tourist initiatives in the region
Date 10/2/2014
Aldeia da Pedralva
A ruined village between the Natural Park and dozens of beaches on the west coast of Algarve, was restored inspired by the concept Slow Travel.
Date 10/2/2014
FAI - For the landscape, Art and Nature. Forever, for Everyone
FAI is the largest Italian non-profit NGO involved with the safeguard of the national heritage and landscape
Date 6/6/2013

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