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What’s the True Impact of the Alternative Economy
yes! magazine: It is increasingly apparent that today’s economy is not working for most of us. Growing inequality of wealth and income is putting the famous American middle class in danger of becoming a distant memory
Date 7/6/2015
Fostering resilient communities and building wealth in today’s local economies is necessary to achieve individual, regional, and national economic security
Date 7/6/2015
Cooperatives and the Next Clothing Industry
Resilience: Last October, the Sustainable Economies Law Center (the SELC) created an event to discuss the opportunities that our local clothing economy can create, and to problem-solve the legal obstacles facing many local designers
Date 16/3/2015
Israeli and Palestinian Farmers Unite Over Olive Oil
OOWB is a collaborative economic initiative among 34 olive oil farming communities in Israel and the West Bank. It is spearheaded by the Near East Foundation (NEF), a 100-year old nongovernmental organization working on economic development among poverty-stricken communities throughout Africa and the Mideast
Date 16/3/2015
The Dorchester Community Food Co-op
The Dorchester Community Food Co-op is an initiative to build a community & worker-owned cooperative market that provides economic opportunity and healthy affordable food
Date 22/4/2014
The Grosseto province
The Grosseto province, in Southern Tuscany, includes 28 municipalities. From malaria-stricken territory and thanks to a basically LSED
Date 25/6/2013

Economic Cooperation
Date 8/5/2013

The hopeful laundry - Micro-projects aim to restore a shattered area
Restoring Cleveland -Micro-projects aim to restore a shattered area
Date 8/5/2013

The Concord Handbook
The Concord Handbook deals with the challenge of building social capital across communities. It provides principles for building concord organizations, and guidelines for their successful practice.
Date 7/5/2013

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